Church Security Level I


The Critical Defense Training Company Church Security course series is designed as

team or group training course. We custom design each course to fit the needs and goals of

your individual church property and training team.


We start by meeting with the church leadership and training team to develop a program

that will best fit your needs. All training programs for church security include general

training and assessment as well a complete deadly force and non-deadly force legal

lecture and a 3-hour unarmed combatives training session.


Additional sessions may include basic, intermediate and advanced firearm training,

restraining techniques, effective verbal commands, active shooter exercises, effective

communications, teambuilding exercises, and more.


A few points about our training philosophy: Firearms should be an absolute last resort.

Contact with a hostile person should include verbal de-escalation, non-deadly force,

restraint and removal and interaction with local law enforcement. Interaction should be

done in a manner that is least disruptive to ongoing worship and guests and secures the

safety of the security team and hostile.


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