Handgun Fundamentals - $100

The goal of our Handgun Fundamentals course is to introduce the beginner, or novice, student to the fundamentals of using a handgun. This course teaches a solid foundation giving each student the requisite knowledge of basic operations, cleaning, safety, storage, and safely shooting a handgun.


The 4-hour Handgun Fundamentals course is a prerequisite to taking intermediate or advanced handgun courses offered by Critical Defense Training Co.


Topics include:


• Firearm Safety

• Handgun Components and Nomenclature

• Proper Function and Operation of a Handgun

• Shooting Fundamentals

• Clearing Common Stoppages

• Selecting a Handgun for Your Personal Needs

• Cleaning & maintenance


Required equipment


• Modern, workable handgun

• Minimum 50 rounds of factory ammunition - target loads only, please

• Ear & Eye protection

• Comfortable clothing


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